I am interested in the consequences of urbanization on wildlife health, behaviour, and interactions with humans. I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Hernandez Lab studying disease transmission in urban American white ibis at the University of Georgia.  I completed my PhD studying the ecology of urban coyotes and consequences for human-coyote conflict in the  St. Clair lab at the University of Alberta.

While many species are excluded from urban areas, several persist and even thrive. Some species appear to benefit from urban resources but may suffer negative consequences from dramatic shifts in habitat. Further, many of these species come in conflict with people and traditional approaches, such as removal or relocation of wildlife, are becoming unfeasible for political, ethical, and ecological reasons. My goal is to improve wildlife conservation and management by better understanding how wildlife live among people – and how we can coexist.

Maureen with white ibis Nov 8 2015

Maureen collecting samples from an American white ibis